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IR 20115 – TINS Test Environment
June 15, 2018


Information Request (IR) 20115 establishes a standard monthly schedule for a refresh of the TINS test environment, TINS AGY SETUP, effective July 2, 2018. A refresh copies payee data from the TINS production environment to TINS AGY SETUP and immediately updates the vendor data on the USAS 34 Vendor Profile of the USAS test environment, USAS AGY SETUP.


TINS AGY SETUP is refreshed on an as-needed basis and/or upon request by state agencies and institutions of higher education. Agencies that plan to test in TINS are required to contact the Comptroller’s office to coordinate a refresh of the TINS data. If other agencies are already actively testing in TINS, the agency requesting a refresh of TINS must postpone their TINS testing until other agencies complete their testing to ensure there is no disruption to their test data.


Implement a monthly schedule to refresh TINS AGY SETUP on the first workday of each month so that agencies can coordinate their own testing activities without a need to submit requests to the Comptroller’s office. The monthly schedule will only deviate as needed for onboarding agencies to the Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS). Any deviation to the TINS monthly refresh will be announced on the USAS 90 NEWS/HELP TABLE screen under keyword NEWS.

Payee updates processed in TINS production during any given month will not be available in TINS AGY SETUP until the next month’s refresh is processed. Agencies may add payee data to TINS AGY SETUP during the month via online or batch.