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ACR 44502 – SPA System Change
July 25, 2014


State Property Accounting (SPA) Application Change Request (ACR) 44502 reactivates advertising surplus property and requesting surplus property sales via batch effective July 25, 2014.


The T-code Z is an existing batch process that was inactivated due to technical issues. This T-code allowed reporting agencies to use the batch process to advertise surplus property on the Comptroller’s Surplus Property website and request that the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) sell the property if it did not sell during the 12 calendar days it was advertised on the website.

Note: SPA advertises the property for 12 calendar days to account for weekends and meet the 10 business day policy requirement. The 12 day count begins on the assigned advertise surplus date.


The T-code Z is being reactivated to allow reporting agencies that use batch to:

Note: TFC no longer uses sealed bids for surplus property. Disposal method 6a to request that TFC sell surplus property via sealed bid is obsolete.

See Disposal Method 05 (Advertise on the Surplus Property Website) for more information on the process.

Layouts Affected

Go to Appendix G – Instructions for Reporting Agencies (login required) under “Record Layouts for Each T-Code” and see:

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