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Capital Budget Rider Appropriations (APS 026)

FPP A.012

Comptroller Responsibilities


The Comptroller’s office assigns and profiles unique appropriation numbers in USAS for each item in an agency’s capital budget rider.

Appropriation number assignments

The table below shows how the Comptroller’s office assigns numbers and profiles capital budget rider appropriations:

Appropriation Type Number Range Effective Period
2 – Construction 40000 – 49999 AY plus 4 years
1 – Non-construction 50000 – 59999 AY plus 2 years

The second digit of the appropriation number represents the second digit of the legislative session for which the riders are applicable.

Example: construction

If an agency received one capital budget appropriation from the 86th Legislative Session for construction of buildings and facilities, an appropriation number assigned to it would be 46001.