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Capital Budget Rider Appropriations (APS 026)

FPP A.012


Capital Budget

Capital budget appropriations are available for the acquisition of assets with a biennial project cost or unit cost of more than $100,000.

Capital budget expenditures include:

  • Acquisition of land and other real property (except for right-of-way purchases made by the Texas Department of Transportation [TxDOT]),
  • Construction of buildings and facilities,
  • Repairs or rehabilitation of buildings and facilities,
  • Construction of roads (except for such expenditures made by the TxDOT),
  • Acquisition of information resource technologies (including for purchase or contract for computer time, facility resources, maintenance and training),
  • Transportation items,
  • Acquisition of capital equipment and items, or
  • Other lease payments to the Master Lease Purchase Program (for items acquired prior to Sept. 1, 2019, only).

Capital Budget Riders

Capital budget riders do not make additional appropriations, but are additional restrictions placed on appropriations made by the legislature in the GAA.

These riders identify and limit the types of capital budget items agencies are allowed to purchase during a fiscal year and limit the total amount of appropriation that can be spent for such purposes. Capital budget riders also prohibit agencies from spending capital budget funds for any other purposes.

For most agencies, Rider 2 is the capital budget rider.