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USAS Navigation

Process/Function Key What You Do Comments/Notes
Signing on to USAS 1. Enter USAS in upper left corner, then press <Enter>. The Comptroller’s mainframe starts with the Statewide Teleprocessing System screen. You get to this screen through Blue Zone.
2. Enter User ID and press <Tab>. A user ID is composed of 4 letters representing parts of a user’s name followed by 3 numbers.
3. Enter Password and press <Enter>. Your password must contain eight digits with at least two alpha characters and two numeric characters. Every 90 days you must change your password. The system suspends users who fail to enter a valid password in three consecutive attempts, or who do not sign on at least once every 95 days.
4. At the Session Manager screen enter the number of the session and press <Enter>. The USAS session is 1 for Production and 2 for Training.
5. At the User Class screen enter a 2-digit user class or leave blank, and press <Enter>. 6. At the News Display screen, read news, then press <Enter>. Your user class determines the USAS transactions you can perform. If you leave this field blank, USAS will default to your lowest numerical user class. If you miss the opportunity to read the News, see instructions below regarding the 90 Screen.
Menu System Navigation to Screens 1. From the USAS Main Menu, choose the letter for the category you want and press <Enter>. Choose D–data entry, O–Online Inquiry, P–Profiles, R–Reporting, S–System Management, T–Document Tracking, or W–Payment Processing.
2. USAS will retrieve the selected submenu. Enter your screen ID of choice and press <Enter>. The submenu gives you the screens related to the function. This can assist you in remembering screen ID’s.
LINK TO Navigation to Screens From any USAS screen that has a LINK TO field. Press <Home> to position the cursor in the LINK TO field. Enter the screen ID in this field and press <Enter>. The second way to navigate in USAS is to link to screens directly, bypassing menus and submenus; however, you must know your screen ID. Do not enter any preceding 0, i.e., the 026 screen should be entered as 26. (Note: You cannot link to data entry screens.)
Keyboard Lock If you see a “X NOT HERE 0” at the bottom of the screen, press <Esc> and <Tab>. USAS locks your screen when you attempt to type in a field that is not updatable.
Tab Key Press the <Tab> key to move from field to field. The tab key will place your cursor in the correct spot for entry.
Shift + Tab Press <Shift> and <Tab> to move backwards from field to field. Pressing Shift and Tab simultaneously will place your cursor in the correct spot for entry.
Home Key Press the <Home> key to move the cursor to the LINK TO field in the top left corner of the screen. Once your cursor is in the LINK TO field, you can enter the screen ID.
F1 Key Help Key 90 Screen Press <F1> to go to the help screen. In the KEYWORD field, enter the type of help needed and press <Enter>.
Press <Home> to go to the LINK TO field and enter <90> (the 90 screen is the same as the HELP screen.)
Some KEYWORD options on the 90 screen include:
  1. Screen ID – enter 4-digit screen number.
  2. Error Code – additional information is given for error codes received during transaction processing.
  3. USAS Report – Enter DAFRXXXX to receive details about the requestable USAS reports.
  4. NEWS – enter <NEWS> to see detailed information from the News Display screen.
If you want to know the possible values for an entry field while on the transaction entry screen, place your cursor on the entry field and press <F1>. Values are available for the following entry fields:
  • Index
  • PCA
  • Comp Object
  • Agency Object
  • Vendor Number
F3 Key End Press <F3> to terminate a process. This takes you back one screen at a time.
F4 Key Interrupt
  1. Press <Home> move your cursor to the LINK TO field, enter a screen number and press <F4> to navigate to the requested screen.
  2. From here, request another screen by pressing <Enter>.
  3. To return to your original screen press <F4>.
The word ACTIVE will appear in the upper left area of the screen you are viewing, usually under the LINK TO field. USAS only saves one screen in memory, so you may only interrupt one time.
F6 Key or <Enter> to Process From a transaction entry screen to process information and advance to the next transaction press <F6>. When using <F6> the information just processed will be retained as a template for the next transaction. (Pressing <Enter> will process the information entered, but will clear the screen for the next transaction.)
Action Line
Most screens have an action line with an R, A, C D or N as available actions.
R (Recall) – this is the default – enter the Control key data to recall the information and press <Enter>. The key data required is usually the fields prior to the TITLE field. If an incomplete control key is entered in conjunction with the Recall action, the system will either retrieve the first record matching the incomplete control key entered or respond with an error message requesting you to enter additional key information.
A (Add) – enter <A> and the new information and press <Enter> or <F6>. You must have appropriate security to add a record. All information entered must be complete and comply with applicable controlling profiles. The control key for the new record must be unique. (For information about Control Keys for a screen, see the USAS Coding Instructions Manual.)
C (Change)first recall the record to be changed, then change the action to C, modify the data, and press <Enter> or <F6>. You must have appropriate security to change a record.
D (Delete)first recall the record to be deleted, then change the action to D and press <Enter> or <F6>. You must have appropriate security to delete a record
N (Next) – enter N to recall the next sequential record, and press <Enter> or <F6>. Use this action to scroll through profile screens. It is useful when searching for information or scanning sequential records.
Entering a Transaction 1. Navigate to the Main Menu by either pressing <Enter>, <F3>, or linking to MAIN. If you just signed on, <Enter> will take you forward to the Main Menu. If you’re already in the system, <F3> will take you back to the Main Menu, or you can type MAIN in the LINK TO field and press <Enter>.
2. At Main Menu enter D and press <Enter>. The D is for Data Entry.
3. Enter 50 and press <Enter>. To review unprocessed entries, enter 53 instead of 50.
4. Enter batch header information and press <Enter>. The batch header information will tell USAS the type of entry, and determine the screen layout (or map).
5. Enter transaction information and press <F6> or <Enter>. The <F6> key will keep the majority of the data on the screen for easy entry of the additional lines.
6. Press <F7> to enter descriptive legal text. The <F7> key will take you to the 19 screen to enter text. Not all transactions require text.
7. Balance when completed by pressing <F9>. The <F9> key will determine if the transactions are balanced at the document, batch and cash levels.
8. Enter H (Hold) and give to supervisor to release. The person entering a transaction should not be the person who approves the transaction.
Logging Off USAS 1. Press <F3> until at screen that has CSSF SIGNOFF… <F3> will back you out one screen at a time.
2. Type LOGOFF over CSSF S. This takes you to the Session Manager.
3. At Session Manager, type LOGOFF ALL. This will take you out of all USAS sessions.
HIT <F3> too many times At the CSSF SIGNOFF…. Type FSYS over the CSSF. This will take you directly to the User Class screen. If you have more than one user class, then this screen can be used to change USER class without logging off.