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Where the Money Goes Requirements

FPP G.004

Budget and Finance Search Tools

The public can also view:

  • State expenditures against agency budget appropriations using tools developed in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation
  • An estimated vs. actual expenditures report requested by a legislator to provide transparency on the legislative budgeting process

    Note: Agencies can add agency-specific text to the budget and expenditure reports listed below. If you wish to add an explanation for any of the data displayed on your agency’s report, please contact Al Montes at (512) 463-3965 or email

Budget Lookup Tools available on the Comptroller’s website include:

Search: Updated Daily From:
Agency Budget vs. Actual Expenditures
Shows how an agency’s total spending tracks against its strategy appropriation budgets
USAS appropriation table
Expenditures by Agency Strategy
Compares spending by expenditure category for each agency appropriation
USAS cash expenditures general ledger account
Expenditures by Funding Source
Shows agency spending by expenditure category by appropriated fund
USAS cash expenditures general ledger account