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Where the Money Goes Requirements

FPP G.004

Reclassifying Transactions as Confidential

Agencies that submit a transaction and mistakenly fail to mark the transaction as confidential may request the Comptroller’s office to reclassify the transaction as confidential for Where the Money Goes. Please note:

  • This reclassification applies to the Where the Money Goes database only and not USAS. There is no procedure to adjust USAS history.
  • Reclassification does not apply to information already downloaded from the Data Center.

To send a request to reclassify an expenditure as confidential for Where the Money Goes, please email and include the following information:

  • Your agency name, agency number and agency contact (email and phone)
  • A brief explanation of the confidentiality issue
  • The payee or payees exactly as they appear
  • The comptroller object containing the confidential information
  • The date or date range involved
  • The dollar amount(s)
  • The USAS Document number(s) and any other details to identify the specific records to reclassify

A Comptroller’s office representative will contact you to confirm your request and go over any details.