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Report 156 Vacation & Sick Leave Accrual Exceptions

This report accrues sick and vacation leave for all active employees who are not on a leave without pay (LWOP) status. It also generates an exception report, Vacation & Sick-Leave Accrual Exceptions, for those who didn't accrue. Accruals are posted on HMCU1 (Employee Leave Accrual) for each employee, based on the employee's State Eff Serv Date and or H0B Adjusted Accrual Date if present stored on H0BUS. An HMCU1 record will be created automatically during the hire/transfer process when:

  • The agency's leave accounting system flag (HNKLA) is set to 1,
  • The employee's EEO code from HNHU1 is not equal to E (elected official), and
  • The employee's job class type is not equal to S (substitute teacher), M (member employee), P (per diem board member), C (compensatory per diem), or R (retired judge).

This report also changes the current leave accounting month by updating the Accrual Date on HMCU1 and the Last 156 Accr Dt on HNKLA with the first day of the month in which accruals took place. Report 156 will neither accrue nor change the accrual dates for employees who:

  • Have already received accruals for the month,
  • Have been suppressed from receiving accruals on HMCU1, and/or
  • Are hired after accruals were run. (This report can be run again at the end of the month to accrue employees hired during the month and will not affect leave already accrued for the month.) or unless Report 158 has posted at the beginning of fiscal year.

For employees on leave on the first business day of the month (even if they are scheduled to return sometime during the month), an L will be entered in the Flag field on HMCU1, the Accrual Date will be updated, and the accruals will remain zero.

Report Criteria

Category Leave Accounting
Distribution Agency
Frequency Monthly
Form 111
Sort Sequence
Options HPRLA Sort
Employee SSN 1
Name 2
Page Break  
Databases Used H0B, H0C, HID, HM8, HMB, HMC, HNK, HNH, HPR, H7O
Selection Criteria All active and on-leave employees as of the leave accounting process date.
Produce Output? Yes
Request Screen HSRPT
Posting Report? Yes – HMCU1 accruals, HM8U2 balance records VC, SL
Additional Notes

In order to produce a true audit report of what accruals took place, request Report 565 (Leave Accrued), on the same night as Report 156. Agencies 771 and 772 have special accrual rates for those employees in job classes T021 and T023.

The Leave Report Options (HPRLA) screen can be used to mask the Social Security number (SSN) and to select a valid sort option.

Report Headings

Displays the employee's SSN (masked or entire SSN will display depending on the HPRLA selection).
Displays the employee's name.
Displays a message explaining why the employee did not accrue leave:

Accrual flag was equal to:
AThe employee had already received accruals for the month being accrued.
CThe employee had already received accruals for the month being accrued and had a change made.
HThe employee had already received accruals for the month being accrued and an hourly adjustment had been made by Report 053.
SAccruals for the employee have been suppressed on HMCU1.
LReport 156 has previously marked the employee as being on LWOP.
Not accrued due to employee on LWOP
  • The employee was placed on LWOP on H0BUS (Employment Status = 2).
Leave process date on HNKLA must be the last day of the specified month
  • The date used in the LA Process Date field on HNKLA when requesting Report 156 was not the last calendar day of a month and therefore no leave could be accrued.

Sample Report

  REPORT:   156                             UNIFORM STATEWIDE PAYROLL/PERSONNEL SYSTEM                             PAGE:     1   
  AGENCY:   XXX                                       XXXXX XXXXX XX XXXXXXX                                   RUN DATE: XX/XX/20XX
                                             VACATION & SICK-LEAVE ACCRUAL EXCEPTIONS                          RUN TIME: 23:08:07 
                                                         AS OF 01/01/20XX                                                         

     EMP SSN       EMPLOYEE NAME             EXCEPTION MESSAGE