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Report 1009 Employee Diagnostics Listing

This report displays employee-level transactions that caused an error during PAY020 and PAY040 of the overnight payroll process. These can include transactions entered on payroll batches and transactions from the pending file. In order for these transactions to process, the error needs to be corrected either by fixing the online entry or deleting the transaction from the pending file and re-entering it onto a batch if necessary.

Multiple Report 1009s can generate on any given night. A report will generate for each agency generated batch and for each system generated batch.

Report Criteria

Category Payroll Administration
Distribution Agency
Frequency Runs with payroll.
Sort Sequence Batch Number, Employee Number, Sequence Number
Page Break  
Databases Used HØC, HØI, HSC, HUA, HUE, HUD, HUZ, T10, H1K
Selection Criteria All transactions that were processed on the payroll through a batch.
Produce Output? Yes
Request Screen Not requestable by the agencies. Automatically runs each night.
Posting Report? No
Additional Notes Processes in PAY020.

** EDIT/REPORT RUN ** will display in the top left corner of the report if the report was produced from a trial/edit payroll. This report will generate twice only when a final payroll is rejected. Use the latest RUN TIME/DATE, which is found in the top right corner of the report.

Report Headings

Displays the batch number assigned by the agency or the system during the processing. Batch 0 is system generated and usually made up of pending transactions, cancellations, and manual paysets.
Displays the date the transaction was entered for processing.
Displays the sequence number assigned the transaction.
Displays the employee's SSN.
Displays the code defining the type of transaction. Common codes:
225Generated deduction changes
280Generated special pay changes
4## – 6##Manual payset/adjustment
700Payment request on HUA
8##Deduction transaction on HUD. ## indicates the deduction number.
9##Special payment request on HUE. ## indicates the special pay number.
Displays the phase of the edit and file maintenance program.
Displays the column numbers of the transaction where the error occurred. See report 1001, 1003, 1017, or 2007 for the transaction detail.
Displays the number assigned to the error message.
Displays the name of field that contained an error.
Displays an error message associated with the Msg No. that describing the reason for the error.
Displays the value that was in error. Numeric values represent dollar amounts, dates, or transaction codes. Decimal points will not be printed.
Displays the number of transactions found with errors.

Sample Report

    REPORT:  1009                             UNIFORM STATEWIDE PAYROLL/PERSONNEL SYSTEM                             PAGE:     1    
    AGENCY:   XXX                                 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                              RUN DATE: XX/XX/20XX
                                                     EMPLOYEE DIAGNOSTICS LISTING                                RUN TIME: 20:22:14 
 ** EDIT/REPORT RUN **                                                                                                              
           BATCH NO.     6                                                                                                          
           ENTRY     SEQ    EMPLOYEE  TRAN      CARD  MSG                                                                           
           DATE     NUMBER   NUMBER   CODE PHS  COL.  NO.  FIELD IN ERROR         ERROR MESSAGE                      ----CONTENTS---
         09232004   7581    XXXXXXXX X 905 198 17-19  912  TRAN CODE        STOP PAY DELETED ON SUPPLEMENTAL PAYROLL 905            
         09232004   7582    XXXXXXXX X 946 198 17-19  912  TRAN CODE        STOP PAY DELETED ON SUPPLEMENTAL PAYROLL 946            
 TOTAL NUMBER OF ERRORS      1238                                                                                                   
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