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Report 090 Payroll Deposit Advice

This report assigns direct deposit numbers and is required for direct deposit production.

This report MUST be set up on HPRPT and HØXCR for payroll processing.

Report Criteria

Category Payroll Administration
Distribution TINS, Treasury
Frequency Runs with final payrolls.
Form 90
Sort Sequence

(HØXCR Sort: 849, 934, 935 – See Report 24 for the correct option).

Note: The sort code on HØXCR must correlate with the sort code for Report 24. See table in Report 24 for details.

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Databases Used HØC, HØH, HID, HØB, H7M, HIC
Selection Criteria All employees who received a direct deposit on the current final payroll being run.
Produce Output? No
Request Screen HPRPT – Set up to run automatically with each final payroll.
Posting Report? Yes
Additional Notes  
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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