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USPS Reports Guide
USPS Reports by Number

Report 085 W2 Tape Report

This report produces a magnetic tape version of W-2 information for all agencies in the format required by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

The W2 Tape Report is produced automatically when Report 85 is requested. This report will display totals for each agency and a final total of all agencies.

Form 6559 will also be generated for each agency and an electronic copy will be sent to SSA. Each agency will also be sent a copy by their USPS representative.

Report Criteria

Category Payroll Administration
Distribution SSA
Frequency Annually at Calendar Year-End
Form 985
Sort Sequence
Options H0XCR Sort
Federal Employer Identification Number 1
Page Break Federal Employer Identification Number
Databases Used H0C, HJL, HJK, HHO, HHM, HHN, HJP
Selection Criteria All agencies running W-2s.
Produce Output? Yes – SSA file for electronic filing and Report.
Request Screen Not requestable by the agencies. Requested by USPS personnel at Calendar Year-End.
Posting Report? No
Additional Notes A copy of Report 85 is not sent to each agency. Form 6559 will be sent instead.