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USPS Reports Guide
Report 050 HR Extract Rebuild

This report produces a rebuild of the selected databases found on HNK5Ø. This rebuild can be set up to run automatically anytime a change is made to the requested databases (Y), or it can be set up manually to run that night (R). A third option is also available for certain databases, which will capture only the most current record (C).

Report Criteria

Category Personnel Management
Distribution Agency
Frequency Upon Request; Nightly
Form 202
Sort Sequence
Options HØXCR Sort
Employee Number 4

Note: Transactions with no employee number will print prior to those with an employee number.

Page Break  
Databases Used
Selection Criteria All changes made to the databases marked on HNK5Ø during the selected HNK range. If the dates on HNK5Ø are blank, then START DATE and END DATE are used.
Produce Output? Yes – Electronic Interface and Report
Request Screen

HPRPT – Set up to run automatically each night.

HNK5Ø – Enter R or Y next to the desired agency level databases. To request employee level databases, contact your USPS representative with request option desired, either R or C.

R Full rebuild
Y Full rebuild only when a change occurs
C Only the most recent records will be processed. Valid only on tables HMT, HNH, HNP, HN1, H61, HO2.

Note: Rs will disappear that night. Ys will change into As after the online process to indicate that a change has been made and will be reported that night. As will be reset to Ys after that night's processing.

Posting Report? No
Additional Notes

See the USPS Interface Manual (login required) for additional information, such as the file layout, field definitions, or header information.

Report 550 is the HR Daily Extract used to capture daily changes to the selected databases marked on HNK11.

Report Headings

Displays the tables (databases) from HNK5Ø and the flag settings at the time the extract was run.
Y Full rebuild only when changes occur.
R Full rebuild during the next processing night.
A Indicates a change was made to a table when notification of a change was requested (Y was set). This will automatically be reset to Y after the nightly processing.
C Capture only the most recent records.

Sample Report

   REPORT:    50                            UNIFORM STATEWIDE PAYROLL/PERSONNEL SYSTEM                             PAGE:     1    
   AGENCY:   XXX                                   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                RUN DATE: XX/XX/20XX
                                                          HR DAILY EXTRACT                                      RUN TIME: 03:24:29 
FLAG SETTINGS:    HDT=  HID=Y HMC=  HMT=  HM8=  HM9=  HND=  HNH=Y HNP=  HNY=  HN1=  HN8=  HOC=  HOH=  HO2=  HO8=  HØB=Y HØZ=  H61= 
          4 HID ROWS WRITTEN TO EXTRACT                                                                                            
          5 HNH ROWS WRITTEN TO EXTRACT                                                                                            
          5 HØB ROWS WRITTEN TO EXTRACT                                                                                            
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