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USPS Process Guide
Chapter 9: Deductions –

H0ZUC, HNYU9 – Non-Combined Spousal Maintenance Deductions (20)

Screen: H0ZUC, HNYU9

Court order to garnish employee’s wages.

Note: Texas Law does not authorize voluntary deductions for spousal maintenance from state employee’s pay.

A new mail code must be established for an employee on TINS before USPS can accept a new setup and generate payment for the third-party payee. Follow the TINS procedures to set up a new mail code for the employee. If you have questions, please call Payment Services at (512) 936-8138.

You must receive a new court order to change or stop the spousal maintenance deduction (unless there is a stop date on the original court order).

Step Action
1 Access H0ZUC and follow steps 2–6, or access HNYU9 directly and follow steps 4–6.

Enter I in the SUBCOMMAND field of a blank row and enter deduction number 20 to insert a new record.

– OR –

Enter R in the SUBCOMMAND field of the appropriate record to change or stop an existing deduction.

– OR –

Enter D in the SUBCOMMAND field of the appropriate entry to delete that entry.

Note: An HNY entry can be deleted only if the following criteria are met:
  1. Both the MTD and YTD fields on the HNY screen for the deduction/sequence number are zeroes.
  2. There are no corresponding HNZ entries for the deduction/sequence numbers.
3 Press Enter. This automatically links to HNYU9.
4 Enter R, D, or I in the SUBCOMMAND field.
5 Enter the following fields as required:
DED NO (Key)
Enter a number that distinguishes this from other spousal maintenance deductions. It is customary to start with 001 and add numbers as necessary.
Enter the payee’s 11-digit TINS identification number with the third party payee’s 3-digit mail code. The use of vendor numbers not yet established in TINS will result in a fatal error.
CASE NUMBER (Required)
Enter the spousal maintenance case or cause number.
Enter the amount to withhold each pay period as specified in the court order.
FREQ (Required)
00 Do not take this deduction
09 Deduct on every pay period
START DATE (Required)

Enter the pay period start date.

Note: START DATE defaults to the employee’s next payroll begin date if already paid regular pay for the current processing period, with the ability to override. If the employee has never been paid regular pay, the START DATE will default to the employee’s employment date (if in the current processing period) or the first day of the current processing period with the ability to override.

VENDOR NO (Required)
Enter the name of the third-party payee as set up in TINS.
TYPE (Required)
Enter a value to indicate the type of spousal maintenance identified in the order. This field determines the priority of the deduction with the lower number having the higher priority. The available disposable earnings are first allocated equally across all current spousal maintenance amounts (Type 0), then equally across all past due spousal maintenance amounts (Type 1).
0 Current spousal maintenance
1 Past due spousal maintenance
END DATE (Optional)
The pay period end date.

Press Enter to process the transaction.

Note: After pressing Enter, the system sets up deduction 20 (spousal maintenance) on H0ZUC. Press Enter again to complete the process.

Note: If linked, after pressing Enter the system automatically returns to H0ZUC. Press Enter again to complete the process.