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USAS Profile Review and Cleanup Procedures

USAS Profile Review and Cleanup Procedures – Profile Review for Agency Object Profile (D11)


The Agency Object Profile (D11) is used to set up agency objects. Agency object can be defined at the same level of detail, to make use of the Agency Object Group Profile (D25), at a more detailed level or at a less detailed level than comptroller object. If defined at a less detailed level, both the Agency object and the comptroller object are required on a transaction. If defined at the same level of detail or a more detailed level, the agency object can look up the comptroller object.

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Risk Areas

Assigning a Comptroller Object to Agency Objects 3000 and 7000

Agency objects 3000 and 7000 are used for default transactions. The COMPTROLLER OBJECT field on the D11 profile must be left blank for agency objects 3000 and 7000 or a transaction using either of these agency objects will produce an error.

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Reports and Procedures

Report PCU115 – Agency Object Profile

Type Listing
Source D11 profile table
Purpose The report lists selected data elements contained on the D11 profile records.

Note: Agency object 3983, GR FD 0001 Unappropriated Receipts Sweep, is used to process the automated sweep for agencies using agency objects.


Only agencies who use agency objects will receive this report.

  1. Verify that agency objects 3000 and 7000 (AGY OBJ on QMF) do not point to a comptroller object (COMPT OBJ on QMF).

    Verify that the COMPTROLLER OBJECT field on a D11 profile record is blank for agency objects 3000 and 7000.

  2. Verify that status code (STAT on QMF) is A for all agency objects to be used in the reporting period. Status code A indicates an active profile record.
  3. Verify the profile dates.

    Effective end date (END DATE on QMF) identifies the date a profile record is no longer available for use. Verify that the value is NOT set to 083120CY for CY profile records that you want to roll forward to FFY.

    Note: This field is used by the year end close rollover programs to determine if a profile record will be rolled over to the new fiscal year. A value of 083120CY or an earlier date prevents the rollover of a CY profile record to FFY. A value of 09012012 or a later date allows a CY profile record to roll forward to FFY. When the field is left blank, a value of 12319999 is returned to the database, but no value appears online.

    Last process date (LAST PROC DATE on QMF) identifies the date of the last modification (A = Add or C = Change) to the profile record.
    No verification is needed.

    Effective start date (START DATE on QMF) identifies profile records that have become available for use. For FFY profiles, verify that the value is set to 090120CY or earlier.

    Note: This field will default to the current effective date from the System Management (97) profile.

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