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USAS Profile Review and Cleanup Procedures – Procedures for Clearing Default Funds (Fund 9000 Deposit Adjustments and Fund 9001 Returned Checks) and Review of Comptroller Objects 3788 and 3789


The default funds are temporary holding accounts that must be cleared of any balances on a timely basis. The balances in these funds should be zero once the appropriate clearing entries are recorded. The revenues should be reflected in the correct fund(s) with the correct comptroller object(s).

The use of comptroller object 3788 Deposit Adjustments – Default Fund and comptroller object 3789 Returned Checks – Default Fund is restricted to the default funds.

The Agency/Fund Record Inquiry (69) screen is used to query balances in the default funds by appropriation year. Ad hoc report 118 Detail Transactions can be requested from your ACO to view activity in the funds (see description).

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