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Emergency Leave Reporting Requirements

Issued: Sept. 8, 2017
Updated: Aug. 25, 2023 – View Changes

FPP F.040

Reporting Requirements

To meet the statutory requirements for the Comptroller’s office, agencies and institutions must report their employee emergency leave use via the Emergency Leave Reporting web application.

Required Report Information

Note to CAPPS Central agencies: Fiscal Management staff will load the report information to the Emergency Leave Reporting web application on your behalf based on the leave data captured in CAPPS.

Review and validate the report information before completing the certification statement. If changes are necessary, correct the information in CAPPS, then contact the CAPPS help desk to reload to the web application.

Provide the following report information for each agency or institution employee granted more than 32 hours of emergency leave during fiscal 2023:

Header Name # of Bytes Descriptions
Fiscal Year 4 The fiscal year being reported. Format: CCYY
Agency Number 3 Three-digit number assigned to the agency or institution by the Comptroller’s office for identification and reporting purposes
Last Name 80 Employee last name
First Name 80 Employee first name
Employee Identifier 11

The employee’s Comptroller-assigned Texas Identification Number (TIN) associated with his or her Social Security number (SSN). This is a randomly generated 11-digit number beginning with 7.

Example: 70012345678

For more information, refer to Texas Identification Number (TIN) on TexPayment Resource.

Note for institutions of higher education: For any employee who does not have a TIN as a result of not being eligible for reimbursement from appropriated funds, the employee’s SSN may be submitted in lieu of a TIN.

Job Title 35 Job title associated with the employee’s job classification with the agency/institution
Start Date 10 Beginning date of emergency leave. Format: MM/DD/CCYY (Example: 06/01/2023)
End Date 10 Ending date of the emergency leave. Format: MM/DD/CCYY (Example: 06/02/2023)
Hours 6 Hours of emergency leave in decimal format (Example: 44 hours and 30 minutes is submitted as 44.50)
Category 17

Identify the emergency leave taken granted under Texas Government Code, Section 661.902, using the category established by the Comptroller’s office for each period reported.

Valid values for this field are:

Note: If the Emergency Other category is reported, the agency must include an explanation in the Comment field. Explanations are not required for the other reportable categories.

Sub Category 5 Optional field which allows reporting of the agency defined value corresponding to the Comptroller established emergency leave categories.
Sequence Number 15 A sequential value used to differentiate between multiple records with the same category/subcategory/start date for the same employee.
Comment 254 This field is mandatory if Emergency Other leave is reported. Provide an explanation of the reason for the emergency leave taken.

Note: Multiple lines may be needed for an employee who receives emergency leave when a gap occurs between the start date and end date of the leave taken. If an employee uses emergency leave from Jan. 2 to Jan. 6, 2023, and again from Jan. 12 to Jan. 13, 2023, reporting would require two separate entries.

Reporting Methods and Fiscal 2023 Deadline

For fiscal 2023 reporting, agencies and institutions must provide the required information to the Comptroller’s office and complete the required certification statement by Oct. 1 using the Emergency Leave Reporting web application.

A Statement Is Required When Not Sending a Report

Agency or institution administrative heads who did not grant any employee more than 32 hours of emergency leave during the fiscal year must still submit an affirmation via the Emergency Leave Reporting web application.

The application includes an area where the responsible party can attest that no agency employee was granted more than 32 hours during the fiscal year.

Important! All agencies and institutions must annually submit either a report or statement to the Comptroller’s office by the designated deadline.

Security Access

Agencies and institutions must determine the appropriate staff to be granted access to the Emergency Leave Reporting application to complete the required reporting. Appropriate staff must request access to the application through their agency security coordinators.

Note to security coordinators: The Emergency Leave Reporting application is listed in the Web Application section of the Security Request form.