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Legislative Changes Affecting Salary Administration, 86th Legislature

FPP F.021

Payroll Contribution for Group Health Insurance

A provision in the GAA, Article IX, Section 17.03, requires each state agency and institution of higher education included in the Group Benefits Program for the state fiscal biennium beginning Sept. 1, 2019, to contribute an amount equal to 1.0 percent of the total base wages and salaries for each benefits eligible employee of a state agency or institution of higher education to the ERS Group Benefits Program.

For this requirement, “institution of higher education” does not include components within the University of Texas or Texas A&M University systems.

The calculation of base salary excludes longevity pay, hazardous duty pay, benefit replacement pay, overtime pay and other payments that are not part of the base salary of the employee.

Tobacco User Monthly Premium Fee Deduction

The previously established Tobacco User Monthly Premium Fee Deduction will remain in effect for fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2021. The fee structure remains at:

Insurees Fees
Member or Spouse or Child(ren) Only $ 30 per month
Member + Spouse or Member + Child(ren) or Spouse + Child(ren) $ 60 per month
Family (Member + Spouse + Child(ren)) $ 90 per month