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ACR 16899 - USPS System Change
May 8, 2010


ACR 16899 modifies the Personnel Management module of the Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System (USPS) effective May 8, 2010.


Agencies were able to enter invalid agency numbers and dates for an employee's prior state service record on either the HN8U1/HP8U1 (Prior State Service) or HOHAZ (Prior Hazardous Duty Service) screens.


USPS has been modified to validate agency numbers and dates entered on HN8U1/HP8U1 or HOHAZ screens against agency history information on the HRCLS (Agency History Listing) screen. The new edits will:

  • Prevent entry of an invalid agency number when entering prior state or hazardous duty service information.
  • Prevent entry of an agency number that is not authorized for state service when entering prior state service.
  • Prevent entry of prior state or hazardous duty service using history dates prior to an agency's existence or after the agency ended.
  • Prevent entry of elected service months in agencies that have no elected officials.
  • Prevent entry of hazardous duty service in agencies that have never had hazardous duty assignments (or outside the dates that hazardous duty was authorized).

State agency and institution of higher education history information including effective start and end dates and eligibility to accrue hazardous duty or elected service months may be viewed on the HRCLS screen. Please note that although agencies and institutions may have been created prior to 1900, the earliest effective date shown on HRCLS will be 1-1-1900.

Fatal messages will be issued if an invalid agency number or invalid dates are entered. Shortly after the migration of this ACR, a new report — Report 930 (Invalid Prior State Service) — will be distributed to agencies indicating active employees with invalid prior state service records that need to be corrected.

Screens affected

  • HN8U1 (Prior State Service – Sorted by Agency Number)
  • HP8U1 (Prior State Service – Sorted by Date)
  • HRCLS (Agency History Listing)
  • HRCUK (Agency History)
  • HOHAZ (Prior Hazardous Duty Service)

Sample Report

Report 930 (Invalid Prior State Service)

   REPORT:   930                             UNIFORM STATEWIDE PAYROLL/PERSONNEL SYSTEM                             PAGE:     4     
   AGENCY:   XXX                                   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                               RUN DATE: 04/19/2010
                                                    INVALID PRIOR STATE SERVICE                                 RUN TIME: 10:37:14  
                                                       BEG         END       ELEC                                                   
  EMP SSN   EMPLOYEE NAME                  AGY NBR     DATE        DATE     SRV MOS  MESSAGE                                        
 xxx-xx-xxxx DOE, JOHN                        997    01/04/1993  04/18/1999    000    AGENCY NOT ELIGIBLE FOR STATE SERV             
 xxx-xx-xxxx SMITH, JANE                      582    04/09/2001  03/09/2006    000    BEG DATE PRIOR TO AGENCY EFF DATE            
 xxx-xx-xxxx FISHER, MARY V                   681    06/08/1992  09/07/1994    000    END DATE AFTER AGENCY END DATE               
 xxx-xx-xxxx BASS, SAM                        324    06/24/1971  05/28/1980    000    BEG DATE PRIOR TO AGENCY EFF DATE            
 xxx-xx-xxxx SMITH, FRANK                     653    08/20/1982  02/06/1983    000    END DATE AFTER AGENCY END DATE 
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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