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ACR 60227 – Direct Deposit Reversal/Reclamation Reports and Funds
Effective March 24, 2023


Application Change Request (ACR) 60227 for the Texas Identification Number System (TINS) created new agency reports for direct deposit returned money items and successful and rejected reversal and reclamation requests. This change is effective March 24, 2023.

Issue 1

Payment Services creates and emails agency reports when direct deposit payments are returned, when funds are received for successful reversals and reclamations, and when reversals and reclamation requests are rejected.

Solution 1

To minimize the manual process of creating and emailing direct deposit reports to the agencies, TINS created system reports that can be downloaded daily by the agencies. For detailed information and samples of the new direct deposit reports, see Reversal/Reclamation Reports on TexPayment Resource.

Issue 2

Funds received from the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) direct deposit payments due to a reversal, reclamation or returned money item are deposited into a suspense Fund 0980 via a journal voucher. This requires the agency to process another journal voucher to transfer the funds out of Fund 0980 and into the original fund the payment was issued from.

Solution 2

ACR 60227 created the option to look up the original payment’s coding block. Making deposits with the original coding block eliminates the need for agencies to process an additional journal voucher to transfer funds from Fund 0980 to the original fund the payment was issued from. Agencies may elect this option by submitting an email to with a subject line of “Change option for DDEP Funds – XXX,” with XXX being the three-digit agency number.

This option applies only to USAS payments. Funds received for payroll direct deposit payments will continue to be deposited into USAS Fund 9014.

For More Information

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