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ACR 60027 – Implements TINS DDEP Web Application
Effective Jan. 2, 2023


Application Change Request (ACR) 60027 for the Texas Identification Number System (TINS) implemented a web application, Direct Deposits – Reversals and Reclamations (DDEP). DDEP will be the required method for agencies to process their own reversals and reclamations effective Jan. 2, 2024.


Agencies are required to submit paper forms to request a reversal when an erroneous direct deposit payment is identified or to request the return of retirement payments due to the death of the payee or beneficiary. Agencies must verify Payment Services’ receipt of the forms to ensure National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) deadlines are met. Payment Services verifies the information on the forms before manually processing all agencies’ forms in a TINS mainframe screen that lacks the edit capacity required to ensure compliance with NACHA.


This ACR implemented a web application with edits that verify the NACHA requirements for reversals and reclamations. It provides agency users with security access to process their own reversals and reclamations. It also:

Important: See Direct Deposit Payments Made in Error in TexPayment Resource for DDEP policy and procedure updates. The DDEP Web Application section includes instructions and screen examples for adding, editing and canceling reversals and reclamations, and for searching the status and history of reversal and reclamation transactions.

Effective Dates

Effective Nov. 13, 2023, agency security coordinators may submit tickets to request security for their users to access DDEP. Submit tickets to For information on DDEP security requests, see Security Coordinator Reference (security coordinator login required).

Effective Jan. 2, 2024, all agency users responsible for direct deposit reversals and/or reclamations must have security access to DDEP with their appropriate security role(s). As of Jan. 2, Payment Services will no longer accept the following reversal and reclamation forms without an explanation of why DDEP cannot be accessed:

For More Information

Contact Payment Services with questions.