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ACR 60486 – Mask Account Numbers on Direct Deposit Reports
Effective Sept. 16, 2022


Effective Sept.16, TINS Application Change Request (ACR) 60486 implements additional masking of direct deposit account numbers on certain reports.


The full account numbers used for direct deposit payments to state employees, state retirees and state payees are displayed on many statewide systems reports, which could be used for unintended and fraudulent purposes. The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) requires the protection and encryption of account information.


Mask the direct deposit account numbers on certain direct deposit reports and only display the last four digits. Masking the account numbers complies with the NACHA rules and helps minimize the risk of fraud on state payees’ payments, while also allowing sufficient data for agencies to verify account information. Account numbers are masked on the following direct deposit reports:

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