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ACR 60105 – TINS Comma Separated Values (CSV) File
July 17, 2020


Effective July 17, 2020, TINS Application Change Request (ACR) 60105 creates a daily CSV file that includes:


With the exception of processed and non-processed direct deposit reports, TINS does not currently generate reports or an electronic file of processed payee maintenance or debtor hold transactions. Currently, TINS generates only non-processed reports for payee and hold maintenance. All TINS reports are available to the agencies via the remote printing process.


Provide agencies with a daily CSV file of TINS transactions that includes processed and non-processed transactions submitted via batch and online, dropped transactions as a result of ACR 60294 and system-generated transactions such as NOCs.

For detailed information on the CSV file, see TINS CSV File: Processed, Non-Processed and Dropped Transactions (login required) on TexPayment Resource.

All current TINS reports continue to be available to the agencies via remote print.