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ACR 60098 – TINS System Change
April 2, 2016


Application Change Request (ACR) 60098 modified four inquiry screens in the Texas Identification Number System (TINS) effective April 2, 2016.

Issue 1

The Payee Warrants on Hold (PYWTHD) and Payee Held Warrants Released (PYWTHR) inquiry screens displayed information on void warrants. Warrants are voided by statute of limitations after two full fiscal years from the fiscal year issued.

Although void warrants are not negotiable, they were sometimes interpreted as still available for release and/or offset. In addition, the PYWTHD screen did not display the mail code paid for held warrants.

Solution 1

The PYWTHD and PYWTHR screens no longer display voided warrants, and the PYWTHD screen now displays the mail code (MC) paid.

Please see the updated documentation in the TINS Guide (FPP P.003):

Issue 2

The Payee Payment Information (PYWRNT) and Prior Fiscal Year Payment Information (PFYWRT) inquiry screens did not display the mail code paid for each individual payment. Additional research or mail code specific line 1 entry was needed to determine payments by mail code for payees receiving payments under multiple mail codes.

Solution 2

The FUND column heading was replaced with MC PAID on the PYWRNT and PFYWRT screens. The mail code paid will display whether the line 1 entry includes only the TIN or both the TIN with a specific mail code.

Please see the updated documentation:

Issue 3

When a payment included automated late payment interest, the PYWTHD and PYWTHR screens displayed the USAS-generated interest document number (I Doc) in the DOCUMENT NUMBER column rather than the payment document number. Additional research was required to identify the actual document number for individual payments.

Solution 3

The DOCUMENT NUMBER column on the PYWTHD and PYWTHR screens now displays the actual payment document number even when a payment includes automated late payment interest.

For More Information

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