ACR 44708 – TINS System Change
July 11, 2014


Application Change Request (ACR) 44708 modified the Texas Identification Number System (TINS) to change how the Texas Identification Number (TIN) prints on a warrant and warrant stub effective July 11, 2014.

Issue 1

After the Payee Number Conversion, the 11-digit TIN was being printed on the face of the warrant and warrant stub. This included:

The Comptroller’s office considers payee numbers to be sensitive and is implementing best practices to respect payee privacy.

Solution 1

To further safeguard payee privacy, the Comptroller’s office is masking the TINs that print on the face of the warrant and warrant stub.

Type of TIN Example of Masked TIN on
Warrant and Warrant Stub
EIN-based TIN 1xxxxx12345
Comptroller-assigned TIN 3xxxxx12345
Converted 7 TIN 7xxxxx12345

Issue 2

If a payment is for a payee’s levy or court order from a federal agency, the federal agency may require the full Social Security number (SSN), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or EIN to be printed on the face of the warrant. The UNMASK TIN indicator in TINS applied only to SSNs and ITINs.

Solution 2

This ACR expands the UNMASK TIN functionality to also include the printing of the 11-digit TIN prefixed with a 1 or 3 on the face of the warrant. The masked TIN will print on the warrant stub.