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Earned Federal Funds and Indirect Cost Reimbursements to the General Revenue Fund (APS 023)

FPP A.017

Unexpended Balance Authority

AY 2019

There is no UB across the biennium from AY19 to AY20.

AY 2020

Re-appropriation of unexpended balances

GAA, Article IX, Section 13.11 (f), provides for the re-appropriation of the UBs from the amounts identified in Section 13.11 (b) and Section 13.11 (c). Prior to approval of a re-appropriation of unexpended balances, agencies must demonstrate that the remaining balance found within the direct strategies is EFF. Agencies are required to certify the existence of these balances when they request UB authority on the Certification of Unexpended Balance of General Revenue in Lieu of Earned Federal Funds, 2020–2021 Biennium form PDF provided by the Comptroller’s office.

Upon certification, those excess amounts will be transferred to Appropriation 26311 where the UB can then be rolled over to the next fiscal year within the biennium. The rolled over amounts can then be transferred from the rider appropriation to direct strategies as needed. GAA, Article IX, Section 14.01 transferability limitations will not be applicable.