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Direct Deposit Forms (Alphabetical)

Name Number Description
Used by agencies who must require payees to confirm whether their state payments are destined to be forwarded outside of the U.S.
Used by agencies to provide to payees who wish to receive state payments by direct deposit or change/cancel existing direct deposit information.
Used by agencies to request an erroneous direct deposit payment be reversed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.
This form is used by employees to sign up to receive payroll payments through the Employee PayCard program.
Used by a agencies upon notification of a payee’s death to reclaim a pension, annuity or benefit payment made by direct deposit for which the payee or its estate was not entitled.
Used by the Comptroller’s Revenue Accounting Division to provide to taxpayers who wish to receive tax refund payments by direct deposit.
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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