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Entering Higher Education Expenditure Activity Into USAS for USAS/ABEST Reconciliation

Issued: July 30, 2010
Updated: Sept. 6, 2019 – View Changes

FPP B.011


Applicable to

Institutions of higher education

Note: Does not apply to community/junior colleges


The Legislative Budget Board (LBB) uses the Automated Budget and Evaluation System of Texas (ABEST) to support the appropriation process and the reporting requirements of the General Appropriations Act, Article IX, Section 7.01 and Texas Government Code Sections, 403.021(g) and 403.036(c).

The Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) and ABEST reconciliation process is designed to load ABEST with actual USAS expenditures by LBB program code and LBB object of expense. Although the expenditures are not loaded at the appropriated fund level, the appropriated fund level is identified when the method of finance is distributed in ABEST.

Institutions hold the following appropriated funds outside the state’s treasury:

  • D23 Fund 7999 – Local Funds in MOF & Institutional Funds

To meet USAS/ABEST reconciliation requirements, institutions must enter fiscal 2019 expenditure activity for these funds into USAS by Oct. 30.

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Object Codes

Amounts entered into USAS for D23 Fund 7999 can be at a summary level using the following object codes:

Object Code
LBB Object
of Expense
LBB Object Code Title
7010 1001 Salaries and Wages
7535 1002 Other Personnel Costs
7545 1005 Faculty Salaries (Higher Education Only)
7009 1010 Prof Sal-Faculty Equivalent (Hi.Ed Only)
7011 1015 Prof. Sal-Extension (Tx Agri Ext Ser Only)
7253 2001 Professional Fees and Services
7304 2002 Fuels and Lubricants
7300 2003 Consumable Supplies
7524 2004 Utilities
7101 2005 Travel – In-State
7111 2005 Travel – Out-of-State
7462 2006 Rent – Building
7406 2007 Rent – Machine and Other
7546 2009 Other Operating Expense
7679 3001 Client Services
7547 5000 Capital Expenditures

Note: For appropriated funds held outside the state treasury, institutions must enter the expenditure information using valid program cost accounts (PCAs) so the expenditures post to the proper program code/strategy found on the agency’s strategic crosswalk. PCA 99999 cannot be used.

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ABEST Mapping

ABEST mapping should only be requested when the agency expending the funds was not the agency that was appropriated the funds (Ex: Tuition Revenue Bonds). When an appropriation expenditure does not roll to ABEST due to an incorrect GL, PCA or object code, correcting entries must be posted in USAS prior to year-end close. ABEST mapping should not take the place of such correcting entries.

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