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State Property Accounting (SPA) Core Training

Video Tutorials

This collection of video tutorials provides an overview of key aspects of the State Property Accounting (SPA) System. View them in order or by topic, as needed.

To view the videos, you must have JavaScript enabled in your browser and Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded from the link below.

Click on video to begin viewing a tutorial or click on transcriptto read the text of the video.

Lesson Video Transcript
Lesson 1: SPA Overview (5:11) video transcript
Lesson 2: SPA Asset Basics (8:32) video transcript
Lesson 3: SPA Asset Tagging (4:45) video transcript
Lesson 4: SPA Missing and Stolen Property (5:29) video transcript
Lesson 5: SPA Construction in Progress (7:35) video transcript
Lesson 6: No longer available.

Please see SPA Year-End Reconciliation and Certification of Fiscal Balances for more information.

Lesson 7: SPA Entity Fiscal Year and Componentization (4:45) video transcript
Lesson 8: SPA Capitalization Indicator (6:56) video transcript


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