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Teleconference Instructions

Steps for CenturyLink teleconferencing

  1. Dial your toll-free access number: 877-820-7831
  2. Enter your six-digit password followed by the pound key: 952057#.
  3. The system will prompt you for your name. Please state your name and the agency or institution you represent.
  4. The moderating agency (Comptroller’s office) will set up the conference call by dialing in at the meeting time. If a participant dials in prior to the moderator signing in, the system will hold the participant in queue with background music until the host comes on the line.

Tips to follow during the meeting

  • Reduce background noise on the call if you are in a noisy environment. Press *6 to mute your line. Press *6 again to unmute. This function is in addition to the moderator muting all telephones during the presentations.
  • DO NOT PLACE YOUR PHONE ON HOLD during the meeting. If you receive a call during the meeting, hang up from the teleconference call prior to answering the call. When you have finished your call, you may reconnect to the teleconference.

To end the meeting

At the end of the presentations, the moderator will end the meeting. Hang up the receiver when the audio teleconference is over.

Online help desk

During a conference, *0 will enable a private conversation between a participant and Global Helpdesk. Press *0 again to disconnect.

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