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Training Center:
Take Control of Your Training Schedule

Updated Dec. 2, 2007

Fiscal Management (FM) wants you to take advantage of training. To make it easy, FM is giving you the control to choose and sign up for training online through Training Center on FMX.

You can now register for classes, view class schedules and openings, and keep track of training histories all in a convenient, Web-based interface.

Training Center is the simple, personal, and flexible connection to all training offered by the division.

  • Simple. Training Center is always just a click away from your home or office. You can keep tabs in real time on class offerings, availability, and sizes.
  • Personal. Your transcripts and certificates of completion are a click away in Training Center. Just-in-time reminder emails keep you in the know about your training obligations.
  • Flexible. Classes full? Waiting lists allow you to queue for empty spots or cancel classes should your schedule change.

Just a few steps—then you're in

Access to Training Center is easy. On your first visit to Training Center, you can follow the instructions to set up your training account and get started.

Agency Training Coordinators

Are you an agency training coordinator? Training Center also enables you to register, wait list, or cancel classes for your agency staff. You will need to request training coordinator access from an agency security coordinator after setting up your account in Training Center.

See our schedule, then set your own

A highlight of Training Center is an information-packed calendar of training courses. The calendar will show information of interest to students and training coordinators: course instructor, class times, maximum class sizes, number of students registered, and more. Students and training coordinators both benefit by seeing real-time enrollment information on the calendar. With those planning tools available, both parties can make informed decisions to questions like "Should I register now?" or "Can all of the people at my agency who need this class attend it?"

Check out the Training page for easy way to set your training schedule.


If you have questions about Training Center, please email