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Overview of FMQuery – SIRS


FMQuery is a business intelligence tool by Business Objects that gives secure yet broad analytical access to your agency's financial data. The State Internet Reporting System (SIRS) is one of the applications of this tool.

FMQuery – SIRS allows users to generate predefined ad hoc reports from the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) and Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System (USPS). These reports assist agencies with ABEST reconciliation, annual financial report preparation, and payment or personnel record research.

The extracted tables available in FMQuery – SIRS are refreshed nightly.

Non-confidential reports are available without a user ID and password. FMQuery requires a login for reports that contain confidential information, such as taxpayer ID numbers, confidential payments, personnel information or other sensitive data. Contact your agency’s security coordinator (Comptroller user ID required) to request access.

USAS reports

A wide array of USAS financial reports are available. Here are the report categories:

USAS ABEST Reconciliation

Automated Budget and Evaluation System for Texas (ABEST) reports are used by agencies to reconcile expenditures posted in USAS to appropriation authority, as identified by the Legislative Budget Board. The ABEST reports are subdivided into reports for institutions of higher education and reports for state agencies. State agencies may use the higher education reports and vice-versa. Higher education reports contain additional information that agency reports do not require (such posting to General Ledger Account 5600). For the majority of the ABEST reports, a user may select one or two appropriation years.

USAS Research Tools

General ledger and appropriation-driven reports are available. General ledger reports display agency appropriated fund and agency fund balances by general ledger account in trial balance format (debits are positive and credits are negative). Appropriation financial reports display agency appropriation financial balances by balance type, some with document-level drill downs. The internal transaction (IT) reports show in-process batch and document information from the last cycle.

USAS Financial Statements

These financial statement reports help agencies and institutions of higher education prepare annual financial report data:

  • Balance Sheet / Statement of Net Assets
  • Changes in Fund Balance or Net Assets
  • Government-wide Financial Statements
  • Long-Term Liabilities Note
  • USAS Fluctuation Analysis Reports

NACUBO Financial Statements

These financial statement reports use National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) report groupings and are used primarily by institutions of higher education:

  • Exhibit A Worksheets – Balance Sheet
  • Exhibit B Worksheets – Changes in Fund Balance
  • Exhibit C Worksheets – Current Fund Revenue/Expenditures

Vendor Payments (Confidential)

These reports are derived from the USAS History Extract (HX) file. Vendor payment data are available for the current and previous month for your agency only. Payroll, annuitant, tort, confidential payments and child support payments are excluded. Users can get reports by entering a partial vendor name, vendor number, payment number or invoice number.

USPS reports

The personnel reports available through FMQuery – SIRS are only from USPS records. The extracts include Personal Information, Position Control, Job History and Reference Code files for your agency. For payroll information, please see FMQuery – Payroll.

Personnel Reports (Confidential)

Personal information reports provide basic demographic data on active employees. Position control reports provide agencies with data on filled, vacant and closed positions, as well as reports on new hires and terminations.

Personnel Codes & Descriptions (Confidential)

These reports provide agencies with descriptions and titles for various USPS codes, including job class, location and organization codes.

Custom reports

Agencies can also create their own custom reports to meet individual needs. The FMQuery – Ad Hoc Web-based Training covers how to create custom ad hoc reports in FMQuery – SIRS. This training is not needed to run standard reports.

For more information

Please see the FMQuery – SIRS Navigation Guide.

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