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Discount Cost Effectiveness Calculator


The maximum state benefit results from .

Results are based on:

Current State Interest Rate % as of
Total Purchase Amount $
Discount Offered by Vendor
Vendor Payment Wait Time days


30 Day Treasury Benefit

Interest State Will Earn $

Vendor Discount Benefit

Vendor Discount Savings $
Interest State Will Earn ( Days) $
Total Benefit from Vendor Discount $


Use this calculator to formulate an estimated cost comparison of a vendor discount versus keeping the funds in the state treasury for the full 30 day scheduling period. The paying agency has the ultimate decision-making authority for what is most cost effective for that agency.


*All fields required




* Enter the maximum number of days that the state can wait before paying the invoice and still take advantage of the discount. Example: The vendor offers a 2% discount if payment is made in 10 days instead of 30 days. In this instance, 10 would be entered in this field. That is the maximum number of days that the state can hold the money in the treasury to earn interest and still receive the discount.


For questions about payment scheduling or the use of this calculator, please call (512) 475-0966.