Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 87th Legislature

Executive Summary

CAPPS Deployment Outlook

The deployment of CAPPS to state agencies continues. In response to the recently required budget cuts for fiscal years 2021-23, the Comptroller’s office reduced the number of agencies scheduled to deploy and restricted optional module offerings. Twenty-six agencies are scheduled to deploy HR/Payroll and 28 agencies are scheduled for Financials over the next three years. However, the Comptroller’s office will delay deployment for certain agencies requiring non-core modules and will pause all requests from already deployed agencies for non-core modules, with few exceptions. CAPPS staff is evaluating each agency’s needs and adjusting the schedules and module offerings accordingly. Appendix A provides additional information about CAPPS core and non-core modules.

The Comptroller’s office recognizes the impact to agencies and remains committed to supporting their processing needs whether on a legacy system or CAPPS. The Comptroller’s office will continue to work with each state agency to ensure payrolls are processed, accounts are paid, systems are secure, and agencies have the tools and support necessary to handle the state’s business efficiently and accurately.