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Accounting Resources Available for Hurricane Harvey Relief [posted 08/31/17]

Many state agencies and institutions have been called on to assist Texas citizens who have suffered losses due to Hurricane Harvey. Governor Abbott has issued several proclamations to provide relief to those affected. See the governor’s website for more information on how these proclamations may affect your agency’s business.

For additional information and contacts by topic, see Accounting for Natural Disaster Relief Efforts (FPP K.011).

New TINS Inquiry Screen Available Now [posted 08/25/17]

A new TINS inquiry screen is available now that combines a payee’s warrants on hold with held warrants released or offset — Payee Warrants on Hold and Released (PYWTHB).

For more information on the new PYWTHB screen, see ACR 60159 – TINS System Change.

AFR Review and General Revenue Reconciliation Ad Hoc Reports [posted 08/25/17]

On Tuesday evening, Sept. 5, AFR review (CR) and General Revenue Reconciliation (GR) Ad Hoc reports will run and be electronically transmitted daily. Agencies will receive these reports on Sept. 6 with other USAS reports under the Ad Hoc banner.

The CR AFR review Ad Hoc reports will be transmitted until Tuesday, Nov. 21. The remaining AFR review Ad Hoc reports are now located on FMQuery – SIRS.

GR Ad Hoc reports will be transmitted until Thursday, Nov. 2. For more information, see GR Reconciliation webpage.

Note: Agencies may save the report transmission or print their reports each day (Monday – Friday), if needed, as each day’s information is superseded on the following business day by the next updated electronic transmission. Please contact your financial reporting analyst if you have questions.

Additional information on the AFR Ad Hoc Review reports is available on the AFR webpage.

For more information, see Instructions for the GR Reconciliation Web Application.

Hotel Occupancy Tax Refund Reports Available Sept. 9 [posted 08/25/17]

Agencies that reimburse employees for state-related hotel stays are due a refund for the associated hotel occupancy taxes. The refunds are generated automatically through USAS each quarter.

The hotel occupancy tax refund for August will be available on the DAFR8190 and DAFR8200 reports on Sept. 9.

For more information, see Hotel Occupancy Tax Quarterly Refund (FPP B.006).

Accounting Policy Statements Have Been Updated [posted 08/18/17]

Several Accounting Policy Statements (APSs) have been updated through acts of the 85th Legislature, Regular Session. The APSs include changes to terminology, policies, procedures and transaction coding blocks.

Each APS should be carefully reviewed to ensure compliance with the most current policies and procedures.

Deadlines Approaching for Fourth Quarter Veteran Workforce Summary Reports [posted 08/18/17]

Sept. 15 is the maintenance/corrections deadline for the fiscal 2017 Fourth Quarter Veteran Workforce Summary Reports (June 1 – Aug. 31). Copies of the quarterly reports will be sent via electronic file transfer (EFT) on Sept. 18. The online quarterly report acknowledgment form (with required complaint reporting included) will be available Sept. 18 and must be submitted by Sept. 25.

For more information, see Veteran Workforce Summary Reports and Veteran Complaint Reporting (FPP F.038).

Do Not Set Effective End Date on Certain RTIs [posted 08/18/17]

This is an important reminder about coding on the Recurring Transaction Profile (55) in USAS. Do not set an effective end date on certain Recurring Transaction Indexes (RTIs) used during the interagency reconciliation process for the annual financial report (AFR) until after Sept. 26.

Interagency Transaction Voucher (ITV) transactions must process successfully during the interagency reconciliation process for the AFR. An RTI (receiving) agency that sets an effective end date on the 55 profile will prevent a transaction (paying) agency from processing any ITV transactions past that effective end date.

Example: A transaction entered on Sept. 2 using an RTI with an effective end date of Aug. 31 would not process, even if the effective date on the transaction is backdated to Aug. 31. To avoid problems, the RTI agency should not set an effective end date on the 55 profile until after the completion of the interagency reconciliation process.

The Comptroller’s office recommends that agencies leave the effective end dates blank on RTIs unless there is an explicit need to include a date.

For more information, please see the ITV/RTI Process section of USAS Frequently Asked Questions.

Reminder – Systems Will Be Unavailable During Year-End Close [posted 08/18/17]

The USAS annual cash-basis close for fiscal 2017 will occur on Thursday, Aug. 31.

The fiscal year-end close process requires shutting down the statewide fiscal systems. For more information, please see the Master Schedule of Year-End Close Events, which includes:

User Group Meetings for Payroll Systems and Legislative Updates [posted 08/18/17]

The multi-system Legislative Summer User Group meeting is scheduled for Aug. 24 from 9 – 11:30 a.m. in the Travis Building, Room 1-100. All system user groups will be combined to include USPS, SPRS, CAPPS Central and HUB. This meeting will include legislative and system-specific changes.

See Payroll Systems and Legislative Updates for the agenda and teleconferencing instructions.

USAS ACR 60100 Prevents Payment if Generated ITV Transactions Cannot be Created [posted 08/11/17]

Effective Aug. 11, 2017, the new USAS DAFR360B Recurring Transaction Error Reportgenerates when either or both of these situations occur:

An edit in USAS now prevents the issuance of an ITV-related payment if the generated interagency transactions cannot be created. The originating ITV transaction will remain on the paying agency’s IT file in P-Y-4 status, awaiting correction of the corresponding RTI profile by the receiving agency.

For complete information, see ACR 60100 – USAS System Change.

Changes Made by the 85th Legislature Summarized [posted 08/11/17]

The 85th Legislature made numerous changes to Article IX of the General Appropriations Act (GAA) that take effect Sept. 1. A summary of these changes and of major bills passed that affect multiple agencies can be found at Changes to Article IX of the GAA and Other Bills of Interest to State Agencies (FPP F.008).

Final Copies of the 2017 EEO-4 Report Available Aug. 18 [posted 08/11/17]

The 2017 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)-4 Reportsummarizes state agency hiring practices. The Governor’s Office uses data from the biennial report (agency detail and agency summary reports) to comply with U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reporting requirements.

On Aug. 18, final copies of the 2017 EEO-4 Report will be available to agencies via electronic file transfer. Agencies must:

See Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)-4 Report (FPP G.003).

Updated Reason Code Definitions and Restrictions for Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education Now Available [posted 08/11/17]

Due to additions and changes to salary administration provisions of the General Appropriations Act (GAA) made by the 85th Legislature, the Comptroller’s office has issued:

To download and view these PDFs, see Reason Code Resources and Classification Salary Schedules FPP R.022.

Action Required for SB 1831 [posted 08/11/17]

Comptroller Glenn Hegar sent emails and letters to agency heads at the end of July regarding SB 1831. This bill, passed by the 85th Legislature (R), requires every agency, board, commission and institution of higher education in Texas to submit information to the Comptroller’s office regarding each program that is statutorily required, but for which no appropriation was made.

Agency heads were asked to submit contact information by Aug. 4. The Comptroller’s office will be sending further instructions and the submission form to these contacts to be completed and returned no later than Sept. 30.

For questions or more information, please contact Kevin McPherson.

Legislative Changes Affecting Salary Administration Outlined [posted 08/11/17]

The 85th Legislature, Regular Session, made several changes to the salary administration laws:

See Legislative Changes Affecting Salary Administration, 85th Legislature (FPP F.021).

Updated Settlement and Judgment Processing Guidelines Available Now [posted 08/11/17]

Settlement and Judgment Processing Guidelines (FPP E.041) has been updated, in part to reflect changes made by the 85th Legislature, Regular Session, that require:

Due to extensive changes, staff who process settlements and judgments should thoroughly review Settlement and Judgment Processing Guidelines (FPP E.041).

Note SPA Fiscal Year-End Close Processing Dates and Activities [posted 08/11/17]

The final SPA processing cycle prior to the fiscal year-end closeout will run on Thursday evening, Aug. 31. SPA is expected to be available on Tuesday, Sept. 5, to accept both fiscal 2017 and fiscal 2018 transactions.

For more information, see SPA Fiscal Year-End Close Process(FPP N.008).

ReminderHRIS Reappointments Due Soon [posted 08/11/17]

Institutions of higher education must report certain information about jobs and reappointments to HRIS at the beginning of each fiscal year. Due dates for when institutions must submit reappointment information via electronic file transfer (EFT) are:

The deadline to submit HRIS September maintenance is Oct. 7.

See HRIS Higher Education Reporting Procedures for Reappointments (FPP M.003) for details, including instructions for reporting reappointment information.

Note: During the fiscal year reappointment process, Fiscal Management still requires an HRIS EFT Specifications form (73-162) for EFT #1, #2 and #3.

Reminder – Annual Certification of Estimated ORP State Contributions Due Aug. 15 [posted 08/08/17]

Junior/community colleges must certify estimates of state matching contribution funds for employees participating in the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) by Aug. 15.

For complete information including instructions and forms, see Annual Estimate of Optional Retirement Program (ORP) State Contributions (FPP A.003).

SPA/AFR Reconciliation Deadlines Approaching [posted 08/04/17]

Each state agency (and institution of higher education choosing to report to SPA) is required to annually reconcile SPA ending balances with its annual financial report (AFR) and submit a certification form and other documents. The due dates are as follows:

See SPA Fiscal Year-End Reconciliation and Certification of Fiscal Balances in chapter 2 of the SPA Process User’s Guide for more information.

Reminder — Complete All 2017 GASB Questionnaires by Aug. 15 [posted 08/04/17]

All simplified and full reporting agencies are required to complete and submit every GASB Questionnaire by Aug. 15. The Reporting Requirements’ GASB Questionnaires page provides links to:

The following are the GASB Questionnaires required for fiscal 2017:

If you have questions about any GASB questionnaire, contact your financial reporting analyst.