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Payroll Process

Electronic Approval/Release Processing — HSCU3

Prerequisite: A final payroll must be entered on HSCU1. Users on HSCU3 must have security access and authorization to approve or disapprove a payroll as established on HO6SG.

Key Fields:


  1. Enter R in the SUBCOMMAND field.
  2. Enter the following field:

    Displays a value indicating if the payroll requested on this screen has been approved or disapproved. This is required only for final payrolls.
      (Blank) No action has been taken. Final payroll will not run.
    A Approved
    D Disapproved

  3. Press the Enter key.

Note: If changes are necessary for the payroll to be accurate, and the authorized user has already approved the payroll on HSCU3, the authorized user must disapprove the payroll in order for agency staff to enter changes. Once the changes are made, the authorized user must re-approve the payroll on HSCU3.

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