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USPS Calendar Year-End Close Process

Issued Nov. 4, 2005
Updated: Nov. 4, 2022 – View Changes

FPP R.014

Note to CAPPS Central agencies: If an agency converted from USPS to CAPPS Central during the current calendar year, the agency will perform its calendar year-end activities in CAPPS only — no action on calendar year-end will need to be performed in USPS.

For questions on calendar year-end in CAPPS, contact your agency’s level 1 help desk support staff. Authorized level 1 users may contact the CAPPS help desk for additional assistance.

Applicable to

State agencies using the Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System (USPS).


State agencies that produce payments through USPS with payment dates in a particular calendar year must complete the calendar year-end close process for that year.

Changes to this Document
Date Updates
11/04/2022 Updated for the 2022 process
11/05/2021 Updated for the 2021 process
11/06/2020 Updated for the 2020 process
11/08/2019 Updated for the 2019 process
11/09/2018 Updated for the 2018 process