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Changes to this Document
12/21/2018 Updated Fiscal 2019 personal vehicle mileage reimbursement rates
08/31/2018 Fiscal 2019 travel reimbursement rates for in-state and out-of-state meals and lodging
12/15/2017 Updated Fiscal 2018 mileage reimbursement rates
09/01/2017 Fiscal 2018 travel reimbursement rates for in-state and out-of- state meals and lodging
09/02/2016 State Travel Management Program (STMP) in-state and out-of-state meal and lodging rates documentation requirements
05/27/2016 Updated the following tabs: General; Meals and Lodging; Rates
06/06/2013 Added information regarding required documentation of out-of-state travel by appointed officers
11/15/2012 State Employee Travel Payment Search has been replaced by a new TxComptroller eSystems application.
9/10/2012 New Mileage Calculator — Rental Car vs. Mileage tool
09/01/2011 In-state and out-of-state meal and lodging rates — For in-state travel, if a duty point is not specifically listed, a maximum rate of $85 for lodging and $36 for meals must be used. Federal rates provided by the GSA for both in-state and out-of-state travel within the contiguous United States Rate for non-listed locations is limited to the GSA’s Domestic Maximum Per Diem Rates.
09/01/2009 The methods for determining maximum in-state meal and lodging rates have changed. For a complete summary, see Changes to Methods for Determining Maximum Meal and Lodging Rates, Sept. 2009.
07/28/2009 Rules for reimbursing parking and tolls have not changed. The language for the two topics was standardized. See: Parking and Tolls.
06/26/2009 Mileage in personal vehicle — Effective Jan 1, 2010, the Texas Mileage Guide will no longer be available for calculating mileage reimbursements. State agencies may consider alternate routes taken as a result of employee safety concerns when determining an employee’s mileage reimbursement. However, members of the Legislature will only be allowed to receive mileage reimbursement for the most cost effective route between the origin of a member’s travel and the final duty point.
12/16/2008 Added Commercial Air Transportation: Excessive Baggage.
12/04/2008 Mileage may be calculated using the Texas Mileage Guide or by point-to- point computation. However, the point-to-point computation may be derived from an employee’s odometer reading OR an electronic mapping service (such as Yahoo Maps, Rand McNally, MapQuest, etc.). If the agency decides to allow employees to use an electronic mapping service, the agency must designate only one electronic mapping service. See Mileage in personal vehicle and Documentation: Mileage.
12/04/2008 Original signatures are no longer required on paper travel voucher forms. A signature on a paper travel voucher form was only valid if the signature was original.
12/04/2008 State agencies may determine when it is appropriate to reimburse an employee for mileage between a residence and an airport.
12/04/2008 If a rate for a particular duty point is not listed on the federal rate schedule, the agency may use the rate that is listed for the nearest city or county to the duty point. See Lodging reimbursement rate.


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