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Reminder – Systems Will Be Unavailable During Year-End Close

The USAS annual cash-basis close for fiscal 2018 will occur on Friday, Aug. 31.

The fiscal year-end close process requires shutting down the statewide fiscal systems. For more information, please see the Master Schedule of Year-End Close Events that includes:

  • Processing deadlines
  • The dates and times the online systems will be unavailable
  • Contacts for any issues


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Sunday: noon – 7 p.m.

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SPA 45-Day Calendar

9/20/2018   Physical Inventory of Capital Assets Certification Due
  External/Internal Property Transfers Due in SPA
9/28/2018   Simplified Reporting Certification of SPA Fiscal Balances Due
  Simplified Reporting CANSS Certification
  Simplified Reporting Deadline for SPA FYE Entries

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