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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Employee Assignment Rollover


All August terminations and personnel actions must be completed before the employee assignment rollover. Entry of personnel actions for fiscal 2021 will not be allowed before the employee assignment rollover. A backout of a fiscal 2021 rollover record will be allowed in order to do maintenance for fiscal 2020 and to make corrections to 2021 if the roll was not processed correctly for the employee.

After entering the action, the employee must be re-rolled to the new fiscal year. Employees terminated in fiscal 2020 are not rolled to the new fiscal year.

Employee Assignment Rollover

After making the necessary changes, establish parameters to execute the assignment rollover. It is strongly recommended that the agency run an edit of the assignment rollover before running the rollover. The rollover does the following:

  • Assigns active employees to positions with a 09/01/2020 effective date and updates actual fields.
  • Updates the HNH assignment date to 09/01/2020.
  • Creates an F21 marker record for the rollover with an effective date of 09/01/2020 on HNH.
  • Populates the actual number of incumbents (for exempt employees) on HNTEX screen.
  • Updates H0B annual salaries.
  • Generates the Staffing Forecast Exceptions (507) Report.


Verify the employee assignments using the Active Positions (508) Report and/or the Staffing Forecast (165) Report. Any rollover rejections will be listed on Report 507.

Verification Notes: Agencies will get a warning message on Report 507 if a PCA/index is not set up in the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) for the new fiscal year. Additionally, the asterisk (*) following the position number on Report 507 indicates that position is new via the mass change screen.