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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Position Rollover


Each agency is responsible for completing entry requirements, establishing parameters for the position rollover and verifying the results of the rollover.

It is recommended that agencies request the Active Positions (508) Report and/or the Staffing Master (165) Report before and after the position rollover. If you used the Requesting Pre-Roll Reports in the one-step process described in the Organization Code Rollover section of this manual, you should already have these reports.

Position Entry

There are certain entry requirements that must be completed before the actual rollover of a position record. These entry requirements must be met for an agency to obtain an operating budget for fiscal 2022.

  • If an employee is in a temporary assignment or disciplinary action assignment, the employee should be returned to the original assignment before processing the FYE position and assignment rollover. If necessary, the employee may be returned to the disciplinary or temporary assignment after the rollover but before processing the September 2021 payroll.
  • Establish new positions with an effective date of 09/01/2021 for each new position. Most current positions requiring changes can be updated on the Organization Table (HNORG) screen or through the Fiscal Year-End Mass Change Information (HMQMC) screen, Fiscal Year-End PCA W/I ORG Mass Change Information (HNQPO) screen or Fiscal Year-End Functional Class Mass Change Information (HNQFJ) screen.
  • Create 09/01/2021 position record with the new full-time equivalent (FTE), if the FTE is changing effective 09/01/2021. This applies only to agencies with an Agency Processing Options (H0CUS) screen Create Position switch of 4.
  • Inactivate positions not needed for fiscal 2022.

    Note: Follow the directions in this section to complete the action(s) because some fiscal year-end close entry procedures are different from the normal procedures in other USPS documentation.

  • If using functional job class codes, verify 09/01/2021 records exist on the Functional Job Class Table (HMLU1) screen before position rollover.

Position Rollover

After an agency completes entry on the Position Table (HNPU1) screen, parameters can be established for the position rollover.

The rollover process does the following:

  • Based on agency’s selection on HMQU1 (actual or budgeted), moves FTE, job class, functional job class, group and salary to budgeted fields for active synchronized, overfilled and underfilled positions. For definitions and examples, refer to the Overfill, Underfill and Synchronized Staffing section below.
  • Clears the ACTUAL FTE, JOB CLASS, FUNCTIONAL JOB CLASS, GROUP, STEP and SALARY fields and sets the ACTUAL EXPENDITURE and PROJECTED LAPSE fields to zero on the new position record.
  • Sums all active positions’ budgeted amounts for fiscal 2022 within an organization code and populates the APPROPRIATION AMOUNT, BUDGETED AMOUNT and PROJECTED EXPENDITURE fields on the Organization Table (HNORG) screen.
  • Inactivates all fiscal 2021 position records using the appropriate inactive date.
  • Generates the Position Rollover Listing (506) Report.
  • Displays an error message on Report 506 if a position’s functional job class code has an inactive date on the HMLU1 screen. Positions associated with these functional job class codes will not roll.
  • Displays an error message on Report 506 if future dated vacant (active) positions exist with an earlier dated filled position. For the earlier dated filled position, Report 506 will indicate a fatal message (FUTURE DATED HNP EXISTS RECORD NOT ROLLED). For the future dated vacant (active) position, Report 506 will also indicate a fatal message (DELETE THIS HNP OR ASSIGN EMPLOYEE AND RE-ROLL).

Position Verification

Report 506 will be automatically generated during the rollover process. This report lists all positions rejected during the rollover. Your agency should also verify the rollover results using the Active Positions (508) Report, the Staffing Forecast (165) Report or both.