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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Payroll Tables Rollover


PCA/Index Override Rollover

This process rolls active PCA/index overrides on the PCA/index Override (HN7U1) screen to fiscal 2021. PCA/index overrides not needed for fiscal 2021 should be inactivated before the rollover. Agencies must verify PCA overrides on HN7U1.

PCA/Organization Validation Rollover

The PCA/organization validation is optional. If an agency uses PCA/organization validation, it must initially submit a letter of authorization (LOA) to have the VALIDATE PCA field on the Agency Processing Options (H0CUS) screen set to Yes. The PCA/organization validations must be set up on the PCA/Index Validation (HMMU1) screen. This rollover process will roll records that are active as of Aug. 31, 2020.