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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Organization Code Rollover


Agencies are responsible for completing entry requirements and establishing parameters for organization rollover and for verifying the results of the rollover.

Organization Structure

The organization code is divided into four sections. Each of the four sections is referred to by different levels at different agencies and on different reports. The following are common references.

  • Section 1 – Division, Level 1 (characters 1 through 3)
  • Section 2 – Program, Level 2 (characters 4 through 6)
  • Section 3 – Activity, Level 3 (characters 7 through 9)
  • Section 4 – User, Level 4 (characters 10 through 11)

Run the Organization Table Listing (535) Report at least one day before organization rollover begins. At this time, agencies may request all pre-roll reports on one night.

Certain entry requirements must be completed before the organization rollover. To obtain an operating budget for fiscal 2022 without affecting the current budget, complete the following actions:

Code Description
1 Inactivate existing organization codes not needed for fiscal 2022 with an inactive date of 08/31/2021.
2 Establish new organization codes with an effective date of 09/01/2021.
3 Replace an existing organization code title by creating a new record with an effective date of 09/01/2021.

Note: Some entry procedures vary from the standard procedures in other USPS documentation. Follow the directions in this chapter to complete any of the above actions.

Organization Rollover

After completing entry at the organization level (HNO), establish parameters for the rollover.

The rollover process:

  • Rolls active organization codes by creating an Organization Table (HNORG) record with an effective date of 09/01/2021.
  • Sets the following amounts to zero for the new organization code: appropriation amount, adjusted amount, budgeted amount, actual expenditure, projected lapse and projected expenditure.
  • Inactivates fiscal 2021 organization codes with inactive dates of 08/31/2021.
  • Generates the Organization Table Listing (535) Report and the Fiscal Year Organization Code Rollover (576) Report.


Each agency must verify the results of the organization rollover. Report 576 will list any organization codes rejected during the rollover process.