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Agencies may enter various types of mass changes on the Fiscal Year-End Mass Change Information (HNQMC) screen. Agencies may also use the Organization Table (HNORG) screen to change all positions and assignments in an organization code. HNORG is a one-screen process for changing organization codes. Mass changes entered will be processed with the nightly rollover requests selected on the Rollover Parameters (HMQU1) screen.

The Fiscal Year-End PCA/index W/I Org Mass Change Information (HNQPO) screen allows agencies to change PCA/indexes within a specific organization code. This screen allows agencies to enter PCA/index changes for both primary and secondary PCA/indexes.


Fiscal Year-End Job Class Mass Change (HNQFJ) is used to change positions with the same job class/functional job class to another functional job class. This screen can also be used to change a specific position's functional job class.

All mass change effective dates must be 09/01/2020. These screens are only processed with the fiscal year-end (FYE) rollover; therefore, entry for mass changes may begin as soon as security is established on the Fiscal Year-End Mass Change Information (HNQMC) screen, Functional Job Class Mass Change (HNQFJ) screen and Fiscal Year-End PCA/Index W/I Org Mass Change Information (HNQPO) screen.

Organization Code Mass Change on HNORG

Organization code mass changes move all positions in one organization code to another organization code. When HNORG is processed (after an 09/01/2020 organization code mass change has been established on HNORG) an entry will automatically be created on HNQMC for organization code changes. During the position rollover, all positions within the old organization will move to the specified 09/01/2020 organization code.

Mass Changes on HNQMC, HNQFJ and HNQPO

HNQMC, HNQFJ and HNQPO allow agencies to enter mass change specifications that occur only during FYE close. Types of changes allowed are:

Mass Change Code Definition
O Organization code mass change
OP Specific position organization mass change
L Location code mass change
LP Specific position location mass change
P PCA/index mass change (one-to-one)
PO Specific position PCA/index change within a specific organization code
PP Specific position PCA/index mass change
P# Specific position number mass change
F Positions with same job class/functional job class to another functional job class
FP Specific position functional job class

Note: O, OP, L, LP, P, PP, P# – enter all mass change codes on HNQMC.
PO – enter mass change codes on HNQPO (display only on HNQMC).
F, FP – enter mass change codes on HNQFJ.