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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Employees Who Owe for Optional Holidays


Optional holidays are determined by the Texas Legislature for each fiscal year. If an employee has taken an optional holiday and not repaid it, then the employee owes that time at FYE. Three options exist for recouping the overpayment of compensation if an employee’s obligation has not been fulfilled.

Option One:

The agency may collect a payment from the employee for the net difference of the overpayment. This should be calculated at the rate of pay for the payroll period in which the hours were taken. The agency must deposit the overpayment into the state’s treasury and then process a return money transaction on the Employee Manual Pays 1 (HTMU1) screen to correct the employee’s accumulators/taxables.

Option Two:

The agency may, after following the agency’s procedures for recouping overpayments, reduce the employee’s compensation for the net overpayment for the period in which the time was taken by using Deduction 49. Using this deduction will reduce the employee’s pay and no personal payment is needed from the employee. During the batch process a payment is generated and posted to Fund 9015, which is the same fund used to process returned monies. The agency must then enter an HTMU1 transaction to correct the employee's accumulators/taxables.

Option Three:

The agency may follow the procedures for a reduction of the gross pay of an employee for an overpayment of regular hours from a prior pay period by entering the transaction on the HUAU1 screen.

This chapter details the procedures for the options of recouping an overpayment.