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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Leave Accounting Rollover

Adjust Optional Holiday Hours

It is the agency’s responsibility to determine how to handle any optional holiday-taken balances that have not been made up. Three possible options are:

Regardless of the option chosen, adjust the employee’s leave record by entering a leave transaction on the Employee Leave Request (HM9U1) screen. In order for the adjustments to zero out the optional holiday-taken balance, enter OHOL (optional holiday optional leave) in the REASON CODE field.

Choose from the following transactions to adjust the employee’s optional holiday-taken balance. The first three actions also adjust the employee’s corresponding leave balance. The last action adjusts the employee’s pay.

  • Decrease the employee’s holiday compensatory time balance (HCL). This method is preferable. A positive holiday compensatory time balance indicates that the employee has worked on a standard state holiday. However, the positive balance has not been applied to the optional holiday-taken balance.
  • Decrease the employee’s compensatory time (CTL) balance.
  • Decrease the employee’s vacation time (VCL) balances.
  • Recoup the overpayment with Deduction 49 or net personal payment, or reduce gross pay (see Employees Who Owe for Optional Holidays for more information).

Note: Fiscal 2021 leave accounting transactions can be inserted, changed or cancelled after the rollover, but not deleted. If an employee has a VCC and SLC, then an LOA is required to insert the change or cancel any vacation leave. An LOA may also be required if sick leave pool activity or an entry with the OHOL reason code is needed in the prior fiscal year. If changing or canceling a VCT entry on HM9U1 causes the employee’s leave balance to exceed the maximum carry forward amount in the current fiscal year, an LOA is required.

Note: If the recoupment method is used, the appropriate payroll transaction must be made. (See Employees Who Owe for Optional Holidays for instructions on employees who owe for optional holidays.) Because this is an adjustment to fiscal 2021, it must be done on a fiscal 2021 payroll before the rollover process.