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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Leave Accounting Rollover

USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Leave Accounting Post-Roll Checklist

___ Report 567 was generated to confirm that excess vacation hours were converted to sick leave hours.

___ Fiscal 2022 records were created on HMCU1 (Employee Leave Accruals). ACCRUAL FLAG, VACATION and SICK fields are blank.

___ Fiscal 2022 records were created on HM8U2 (Leave Balance Inquiry). Fiscal 2021 balances for vacation, sick, extended sick leave, wellness, fitness, overtime, compensatory (comp), administrative leave and holiday comp have carried forward to the AVAILABLE BALANCE and the BEGIN-YEAR BALANCE fields. The other fields have a zero balance, unless vacation time was converted to sick leave, and the hours converted appear in the VACATION TIME LOST and SICK TIME EARNED fields.

___ On HMOU2, carrying forward the sick leave pool balance and available balance from fiscal 2021 created fiscal 2022 records. The other fields have a zero balance.