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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Leave Accounting Rollover

USPS Fiscal Year-End Leave Accounting Pre-Roll Checklist

After entering HM9U1 transactions and running reports, the following reports should have been processed or run at least once.

Note: If corrections were made, reports may need to run again.

___ Accruals for August Monthly Accrual (Report 156) has run.

___ If future-dated leave was entered before the August posting of accruals, the Post Pending Leave and Post Exception (Report 196) has run.

___ All August leave activity has been entered and confirmed on HM9U1.

___ Any optional holiday transactions have been entered and confirmed on HM9U1.

___ The following reports were run and rerun as necessary:

  • Hourly Adjustment Process for Actual Time Worked (Report 053) – for hourly employees
  • Time Forfeiture (Report 597)
  • Projected Annual Leave To Be Converted to Sick Leave at Fiscal Year-End (Report 569)
  • Employee Leave Summary (Report 537)
  • FLSA OT/COMP Time Activity (Report 199)
  • Sick Leave Pool Activity (Report 561)
  • Employee Leave Balances (Report 563)

___ Compensable Leave (Report 574) has run (all agencies use this to report liability on agency’s annual financial report).

___ Month-end clears were requested and processed only after all month-end and year-end reports were completed and verified.

Once the Leave Accounting Pre-Roll Checklist is complete, establish parameters to run the leave accounting rollover.