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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Insurance Rollover

Insurance Salary Files

On the night of the Group Insurance/TexFlex rollover, an insurance salary file is created and sent to ERS to update ERS OnLine insurance salaries. USPS calculates premiums based on the USPS 09/01/2020 salary and HMTU1 coverage information as part of insurance rollover.

When daily processing creates a change in an employee’s insurance salary, the new insurance salary calculation comparison process (described in a previous section of this chapter) will automatically create Report 974 and report the new salary to ERS.

Remember this process only begins after you have requested an initial insurance rollover on the HMQU1 screen. Once the final regular payroll for September has processed, the nightly cycle will no longer do an auto-comparison of insurance salaries or reporting to ERS.

Note: It is important to remember that any change to insurance salary after the September regular payroll process requires an agency to request a re-roll of insurance on the HMQU1 screen to ensure that all changes are reported to ERS before the Sept. 30 deadline.

Insurance salary changes are updated in ERS OnLine with the electronic version of Report 974. Once ERS updates its system, ERS recalculates premiums. The two systems’ insurance information should then be in sync.

The Daily Insurance Change Report (999) displays salary discrepancies that exist between USPS and ERS OnLine. This ERS insurance salary will not overlay the insurance salary in USPS or be used to calculate premiums. Use the report to correct all discrepancies in the appropriate system(s). Manual (HMTU1) insurance salary changes must be entered in both USPS and ERS OnLine. ERS must approve changes after the Sept. 30 deadline.

Letters of authorization (LOAs) to correct 09/01 salary information on HNHLS will automatically update the insurance salary until a September payroll has been processed. However, an LOA that affects insurance salary processed after the September payroll has processed will require a re-roll of insurance by entering a value of B or M on HMQU1. Before re-rolling, the agency should ensure that no October special pays have been established on H10SP.

ERS automatically sends all agency insurance changes every time an insurance salary is updated in ERS Online, so be prepared to receive numerous 100% Daily Insurance Change files (Report 999) in September.