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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Insurance Rollover

Options for Applying Insurance Updates During Payroll Processing

Agencies have the option to stop any insurance updates from being applied to the employee’s deductions once a verified trial payroll has been established. This process will stop updates sent by ERS and changes made online by the agency on HMTU1 from updating the Employee Deductions screen (H0ZUC). When the ALLOW INSURANCE UPDATES flag on HNKBA has been set to N, no insurance updates will be applied until a final payroll has processed or until the agency manually removes the N. Once the payroll has been finalized, the flag will automatically clear and the incoming ERS transactions and/or HMTU1 changes will update H0ZUC for the appropriate month.


HNKBA (Benefits Report Request)

Key Field:


> GU     00XXX                                                      ON HNKBA
                      -------BENEFITS REPORT REQUESTS-------                    
R_  AGENCY---> 00XXX 
                START DATE----> 09/01/2020  END DATE--->  09/30/2020            
                FY START DATE-> 09/01/2020  FY END DATE-> 08/31/2021            
      RPT 575 LAST PRCSD ON----------> XX/XX/XXXX                               
      ORP EMPLOYEE RETIRE CONTRIB------------879->  _                           
      TRS SERVICE PURCHASE REPORT------------992->  _                           
      EMPLOYEE INSURANCE INFO----------------993->  _                           
      ANNUAL RETIREMENT FEE------------------038->  D                           


  1. Access HNKBA.
  2. Enter R in the SUBCOMMAND field.
  3. Enter the following fields as required:
    • AGENCY (KEY).
      Enter N to stop insurance changes from being applied until a final payroll has successfully processed.
  4. Press Enter to process the transaction.

Note: If an agency chooses to use this option, the agency will need to confirm all employee changes that were not updated during payroll processing and make any deduction adjustments and/or refunds on the next payroll.

Note: The date that is displayed in the ALLOW INSURANCE UPDATES-RPT---032/LAST PRCSD field is the last date that Report 032 ran for the agency. If insurance updates were held during payroll processing (because the agency entered a value of N), then the date in this field will display on both HSCU1 and HSCU3 to inform agency staff and the payroll approver that additional updates may occur following the successful processing of the current payroll.