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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Insurance Rollover

Group Insurance/TexFlex Rollover

The Group Insurance/TexFlex rollover is scheduled to begin Sept. 2, 2020. Agencies must request the insurance rollover before requesting a September final payroll.

After completing month-end clears for August, executing the employee assignment rollover, and entering all 09/01/2020 personnel actions, you should set the parameters for the insurance rollover. The insurance rollover process does the following for all active employees:

  • An 09/01/2020 HMTU1 record is either inserted or updated.
  • Insurance salaries and premiums are calculated and updated/inserted on the 09/01/2020 HMT record. Premium calculations are based on the new plan year rates and the employee’s age on 09/01/2020.
  • The transaction code on HMTU1 is set to FYE.
  • If an employee is on leave without pay in USPS, that employee’s insurance salary will recalculate and be reported to ERS OnLine on the Insurance Salary Report 974 if there is a salary change.
  • The Insurance Rollover Premium Calculation Errors Report 991 will display employees with invalid carriers. These errors should be corrected before a final payroll is processed.
  • An automatic comparison of each employee’s insurance salary to the last insurance salary sent to ERS will occur with each nightly cycle after an agency has processed its initial insurance rollover. This process will continue until a final regular payroll is processed. This will ensure that any changes made will update HMTU1, create the Insurance Salary Report 974 and be sent to ERS on the insurance salary file.

Assuming a termination has been entered on the Employee Status Information (H0BUS) screen before the rollover for an employee with a termination date on or before 08/31/2020, the rollover does not calculate an insurance salary and does not create a 09/01/2020 HMTU1 record.

Note: Salary updates are not reflected in ERS OnLine until the insurance salary file is processed by ERS. Updates to HMTU1 and H0ZUC are fully processed the night the roll occurs if the agency has completed month-end clears for August. Report 974 (Insurance Salary Transactions) should be retained throughout the plan year and used as confirmation of the salary changes that were reported to ERS.